Distribution & Inflation
This section details about the distribution of the MAHA token over time.
The MAHA token is a limited supply token with no more than 10 million tokens that will ever be in circulation. A vast majority of MAHA tokens has been allocated to community and ecosystem related activities which underpins MAHA's dedication in being a coin that is governed and controlled by it's people.
Furthermore the supply of MAHA is stretched out across a period of 10 years to ensure that token holders are as distributed and decentralised as possible. No one entity should be capable of controlling more than 1% of the supply over the course of the next few years.
Over 67% of the MAHA token's supply is allocated towards community and growth related activites.
On December 17th 2020, MahaDAO conducted it's very first private sale and IDO, releasing approximately 8% of the supply into circulation.

A 10 year distribution period

The MAHA token is unique in the fact that the token is gradually released into circulation across a 10 years. This is done to ensure that the MAHA token's supply stays as evenly distributed as possible, keeping the entire protocol and the ecosystem secure from whale manipulation.
A pictogram showcasing how the token supply gets released over time.
Tokens are released into circulation through a linear distribution to ensure that there is no concentration of tokens amongst early adopters (Except for the first year when private and seed token holders are continuously vested).
(It is estimated that by the year 3 or 4, the token distribution would be spread out as evenly possible that no one single entity will be able to control more than 1% of the MAHA supply).

Month by Month breakdown

For those who'd like to take precise numbers on how much MAHA will get added into the circulation, month by month, an excel sheet (linked here) has been created which goes into depth on how much new tokens get added into circulation.
An interactive excel sheet which showcases token supply month by month