This page organises information about the MahaDAO for newcomer and for the general public.
Welcome to MahaDAO.
MahaDAO is a DAO that is driven by the people, for the people. This document explains various parts of the DAO and how new contributors can join & influence the DAO.

What is MahaDAO?

MahaDAO is a community-powered, decentralized autonomous organization on a mission to empower billions to preserve their purchasing power through the world’s first valuecoin, ARTH.
MahaDAO has a dual token system - governance token MAHA, and the value coin ARTH. ARTH maintains its purchasing power regardless of which direction the market moves. More about ARTH can be read on documentation for ARTH valuecoin here.

Envisioning the perfect DAO

At MahaDAO, we are constantly striving to achieve the ultimate decentralized governance model. While we cannot ascertain we have achieved the perfect model, we can assure that we are on the right path and one day the Maha-DAO will be truly decentralized.
In the next few articles, you will learn more about the many methods MahaDAO tries to achieve decentralization, the philosophy behind MahaDAO, and ways in which you can become a contributor and join our journey.
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