Pool Voting

This section explains more about how MAHA NFTs can be used for voting on where MAHA emissions go.

Pool Voting is handled by the BaseV2Voter contract which is deployed at 0xfbbe448d38231c298e9a2251bc0c567543e2cca6

A certain percentage of the MAHA inflation is directed to users who provide liquidity within the protocol.

This usage is measured via "Gauge" contracts. The Gauge Voting Contract maintains a list of gauges and the amount of MAHAX votes each gauge has received. Each pool has an individual liquidity gauge.

A liquidity provider deposits their liquidity pool (LP) tokens into the gauge to receive these MAHA rewards. The more votes from MAHAX holders a gauge receives, the more share of MAHA emissions it receives.

Each user receives a share of newly minted MAHA proportional to the amount of LP tokens they've deposited. Additionally, rewards may be boosted by up to a factor of 5x if the user holds a MAHAX NFT (to learn more about boosting, read Boosting Pool Incentives).

Whitelisting Gauges/Pools

To protect the protocol from malicious tokens/gauges a whitelist mechanism is enforced. This ensures that every contract that receives with MAHA emissions is properly reviewed by the community.

The whitelist exists in the BaseVoter contract which is owned by the Governor contract, which means to whitelist a new token it will have to pass via a on-chain Governance vote.

To make a request for a new gauge, start a thread at the discussion forums under the "Gauge Proposals" category.

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