How to Vote for a Pool?

Use MAHAX to vote on pool incentives

Step 1: You need to visit and navigate to the 'Inflation Vote' section on the left.

Step 2: You need to have MAHAX NFTs to use for voting in any of the pools.

Step 3: Once you navigate to the 'Inflation vote' section, you will see different pools displayed.


  • The arrow under the vote section will help you select the percentage amount that you want to use for voting for that specific pool.

  • You can select the percentage value for multiple pools at the same time.

  • You can vote any number of times you want.

  • You can vote for a specific pool as long as the voting rate is less than 100 percent.

Step 4: Once you select a pool, use the scroll bar to select the voting power percentage you want to cast.

Step 5: The Cast Vote button will be highlighted for you only when the voting power is less than 100 percent. If it is anything more than the allowed percentage, you will not be able to vote.

Step 6: To cast a vote, click on Cast Vote.

Step 7: You will get a confirmation box regarding the pool you have selected the voting percentage that you are casting for each pool.

Step 8: You need to click on Confirm, and that completes the process of casting votes.

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