Deployed Address

This page contains the list of all the currently deployed address for the governance protocol
This table contains a list of the core addresses deployed from the repository
The table contains a list of periphery addresses such as fee distributors, gauges, and pool incentive contracts. (This is not a definite list, as more gauges get added, this list will continue to expand)
Contract Name
Deployed Address
ARTH/USDC Curve Gauge
ARTH/USDC Curve Bribe
ARTH/MAHA Uni V3 Gauge
ARTH/MAHA Uni V3 Bribe
ARTH/WETH Uni V3 Gauge
ARTH/WETH Uni V3 Bribe
MAHA Fee Distributor
SCLP Fee Distributor

Layer 2 Addresses

The table contains a list of addresses of ARTH and MAHA across various other chains.