Pool Incentives

This section talks more about what Pool Incentives are and how it can be used to incentivize voting for MAHA rewards.

Pool Incentives (otherwise commonly known as Bribes or DeFi Bribes) is a secondary marketplace for users looking to capture MAHAX voting power in return for token rewards.

With Pool Incentives, MAHAX NFT holders are given token rewards by Incentivizers who pay out token rewards for a particular pool.

Any token can be deposited as an incentive for MAHAX NFT holders. However to create a Pool Incentive for a new pool, it first needs to be whitelisted and then added into the BaseVoter contract via Governance.


Will I still receive pool incentives if I have delegated my voting power?

While we do encourage inactive participants to delegate their voting power to more active participants, the distribution of rewards as of now cannot be delegated if the votes have been delegated.

That is, if you have delegated your voting power to a delegate and that delegate votes for a pool that has an active bribe, all rewards go to the delegate instead to you. It is up to the delegate to distribute the bribes pro-actively to you.

(Future implementations of governance will find ways to distribute bribes properly to users who have delegated their power).

Can anyone post a pool incentive to the protocol?

Yes. However each pool incentive token needs to be whitelisted before it is deposited as a pool incentive for a particular pool. Whitelisting happens via governance by calling the whitelist(...) function in the GaugeVoter contract.

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