This section talks about the various automations that are a part of the MahaDAO ecosystem.

Automations help the maintenance of the entire ecosystem to stay completely decentralized without the need for human intervention.

The following keepers perform various maintenance activities, such as updating price feeds, deposit staking rewards, etc... on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis.

These automations are mainly deployed using Chainlink automations which require LINK tokens to execute these operations.


Stability Pool Keeper

Deposits the MAHA rewards into the stability pool. Currently the SP gets over 1000 MAHA every month.


Liquidity Automation Keeper

Automates growing liquidity for the ecosystem.

Based on how much revenue has been collected

Gauge Emissions Keeper

Deposits MAHA rewards for the various gauges.

Every two weeks

ARTH Pricefeed Keeper

Updates the ARTH price-feed which calculates the price by using moving averages.


StakingReward Keeper

Deposits the staking rewards into the various distributor contracts for MAHA stakers.


MAHA Emissions Keeper

Sends the MAHA tokens from the monthly emissions to the various beneficiaries


The source code for the various keepers can be found in the links above. We also maintain a repository that contains the deployment code for the above keepers.

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