How to vote for your pool with a pool incentive?

Allows for the creation of incentives to bribe voters.
Bribers try to influence the voters to decide in favor of their Liquidity Pool so that it gets a higher allocation of the rewards. In exchange, the voters are provided with another token.
Step 1: You need to visit and navigate to the 'pool incentive' section on the left tab.
Step 2: You need to have MAHA to deposit into any of the pools.
You need to select the pool you want to invest in.
Step 3: Once you select the pool that you want to make the bribe for, you need to click on the Deposit button.
NOTE: The concept of the pool incentive works as you depositing an amount larger than the 'Total incentive' amount for the pool selected. Suppose, for example, the total incentive amount of a pool is 783 MAHA. Then the next user who needs an incentive for that pool needs to invest any amount more than 783 MAHA.
Step 4: Once you have clicked on Deposit, you need to input an amount more than the total incentive amount and click on Approve.
You need to input an amount you want as an incentive.
Step 5: Once you click on the Approve and get a confirmation regarding the transaction, then you need to click on 'Deposit'.
After approving a transaction you will get the option to deposit into the pool.
Step 6: Once you click on 'Deposit' and confirm your transaction then you have successfully completed the transaction and deposited into the pool.