Products Overview

This section talks about the various products of the MahaDAO

ARTH Valuecoin

The first very core product of MahaDAO is the ARTH valuecoin. ARTH is a new type of currency designed to not be pegged to government-owned currencies (like the US Dollar, Euro, or Chinese Yuan), but still remain relatively stable (unlike Gold and Bitcoin).

Without being influenced by government-owned currencies, ARTH will be immune to inflation. Through stability, ARTH also becomes a superior choice of currency for means of trade. This is unlike Gold or Bitcoin, which are used more as a store of value rather than a medium of exchange.

ARTH is implemented using decentralized smart contracts and it is accessible via the main frontend with documentation over at

Governance Portal

The governance portal is the second product of the MahaDAO. Through the governance portal, MAHA token holders can vote for the better of the protocol.

You can visit the portal at with tutorials available in this documentation.

Lending Protocol

The lending protocol is the third product of the MahaDAO which will be used to create demand for the ARTH protocol in a sustainable way.

The protocol is currently live at

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