MAHAX Staking
This page talks more about what is MAHAX Staking and the benefits of it
Introducing MAHAX, converting MAHA into a fee-earning asset with governance properties similar to Curve’s veCRV, Frax’s veFXS, iceCream etc…
Why Introduce MAHAX?
  • Allocate voting power to long-term holders of MAHA through MAHAX.
  • Allow MAHAX holders to partake in earning fees from the ecosystem.
  • Allow MAHAX holders to safely and securely control the inflation of MAHA tokens.
  • All ecosystem benefits (Incubate project private sale, Oracle participation, etc, etc…)

How does it work?

  • Lock MAHA between 1 week to 4 years to receive MAHAX.
  • MAHAX becomes non-transferable and non-tradeable.
  • 1 MAHAX = 1 vote in the future of MAHA governance, validators, airdrops, etc…
  • MAHAX staked translates to voting power which can be used to determine the allocation of MAHA token liquidity mining by chain and market.
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