How to create a bribe?
Allows for the creation of incentives to bribe voters.
The bribers are trying to influence the voters to make a decision in favor of their Liquidity Pool so that it gets a higher allocation of the rewards. In exchange, the voters are provided with another token.
Step 1: You need to visit and navigate to the 'bribes' section on the left.
Step 2: You need to have MAHA to deposit into any of the pools.
The user needs to select the pool they want to invest a bribe in.
Step 3: Once you have selected the pool you want to make the bribe for you need to click on the deposit button.
NOTE: The concept of the bribe works by the user depositing an amount larger than the 'Total Bribe' amount for the pool selected. Suppose for example: The total bribe amount of a pool is 783 MAHA. Then the next user who needs to bribe the voters for that pool needs to invest any amount more than 783 MAHA.
Step 4: Once you have clicked on deposit; you need to input an amount more than the total bribe amount and click on deposit.
The user needs to input an amount that they want to input as a bribe.
Step 5: Once you click on the deposit and get a confirmation regarding the transaction; then the user has successfully completed the bribe process.
The user will get a successful confirmation about the transaction.
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