Coordinape for Payouts
This page demonstrates various tutorials for new users that enter into DAO and are looking to get paid out in MAHA.
Every month, the MahaDAO Ecosystem gets 50,000 MAHA tokens to spend on various activities that will help grow the DAO. To ensure that tokens are distributed out to contributors in a fair and transparent way, the MahaDAO uses a tool called as Coordinape to handle payouts.
Coordinape is a platform initially developed by the Yearn Finance team for organising payouts and bringing transparency to how the DAOs operated.
With Coordinape, coordinating and incentivizing various members within the MahaDAO community becomes as simple as a few button clicks (even when done at a scale of a 1000 DAO members).
Every member within the platform gets a budget of MAHA tokens every month using which he/she can reward other community members in the platform for their contributions. Community members can also leave reasons as to why he/she has decided to reward a community member a certain amount giving an extra level of transparency.
For the initial few months, the budget allocated to the Coordinape platform will be 5,000 MAHA tokens per month. This budget can change as per the community's decisions.

Using the Community Graph to Understand Payouts and Eliminating Cartels

To avoid situations where members attempt to create cartels and try to reward each other with no active contribution to the DAO, the Coordinape tool offers a graph view to visualise the entire contribution network.
A simple contribution graph; showing rewards done by various users. Bringing in transparency and eliminating cartels.
The graph is a visual representation of how rewards flow from one member to another. Because of its nature, it can easily help identify cartels by observing circles of users who keep rewarding each other.
This brings a deep level of transparency that otherwise would be impossible.

Scaling up DAO operations

We’d like to think of DAOs as ant colonies, where members in the ant colony work together to grow the colony as a whole without any instructions or general command whatsoever from a queen ant.
A tool like Coordinape helps MahaDAO scale its operations and become a truly decentralised DAO.