Joining the DAO
This page talks about how new contributors can join the MahaDAO, earn MAHA and make an effective contribution to the ecosystem.
DAO members are contributors who actively participate in discussion and to the growth of the DAO. Becoming a DAO member is a very simple process. All you have to do is:
  • Fill out this application form, giving information about what you can contribute and how you can bring value to the ecosystem.
  • Get approved by the community through a governance vote.

Why become a DAO member?

The biggest benefit of becoming a DAO member is that you will get paid in MAHA tokens for the activities that you'll do to promote/grow the ecosystem and the community.
Every month 5,000 MAHA tokens is allocated to DAO members rewarding them for their work that they've done. This allocation is distributed using Coordinape (See Earning MAHA) that ensures everyone is paid out in a fair and decentralized way as per how much they've contributed.

Keeping the process fair and decentralized

Since DAOs no C-level executives, no board members or any other kind of hierarchy, it is the community that gets decides who is and who is not a member of the DAO.
Every week, existing DAO members will go through all the new applicants to asses who is eligible for MAHA payouts for their contributions. Applicants who are approved by existing DAO members are then voted into the DAO via a governance vote (after all, the MahaDAO community is driven by the people, for the people).
Once the governance vote has gone through, the new applicants are now officially DAO members and will start receiving payouts in MAHA for their contributions.
(At the initial stages, DAO members will review applicants once every week. As the DAO grows, the review period will extend to a month to accommodate newer members).
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