How to Create a Lock?
To start vesting you must have some MAHA locked in. For this purpose, you need to create a locker and then lock some MAHA for a certain time period.


Step 1: Go to the site and navigate to the locker section on the left.
Step 2: If you are a first-time user; you need to click on Create a lock.
Create a lock requires you to input an amount and select a time frame for the amount to be locked.
Step 3: Once you click on Create a lock you need to input the amount of MAHA that you want to lock.
Step 4: After which you need to select the time period for which you want to lock the MAHA for. The time frame varies from one week to a maximum period of four years. You can also customize the time frame according to your requirements.
NOTE: The time frame cannot exceed more than four years.
Once you have input the details to create a lock you need to click on lock MAHA.
Step 5: After you have input an amount and selected the time frame you just need to check the details and then click on Approve MAHA.
Step 6: Once you have approved the MAHA to be locked you will get a transaction update regarding the confirmation after which you need to click on Lock MAHA to complete the process.
Step 7: Once you get a transaction approval regarding the MAHA being locked you have successfully opened a locker.
The details about each locker opened by you is displayed on the home page along with the NFT ID's assigned to each locker.
If you lock more than 2500 MAHA they are eligible to create a DAO proposal. When you lock MAHA you get a certain amount of voting power that can be later used to vote for proposals.
NOTE: Once you have created a locker you will be assigned an NFT ID for each locker created. All the details regarding the locker are provided with each locker along with two options:
  • Extend lock period - In the extended lock period you can extend the lock period according to your requirements but you can extend it only to a maximum period of four years and not more than that.
  • Lock more MAHA - You can add more MAHA to be locked. The more MAHA you have in the locker the more voting power you will get.
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